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Simply Shenandoah's Facebook Page!

My name is Greg McCarley and I live 10 minutes from the resort location. I work closely with Wellmore Partners as their local liaison leading community partnerships.

As we move along this wellness journey together, we have learned so many things during the growth of this project. Patience, perseverance, resilience, and reconnection are just some words that come to mind. But growth comes through inspiration, and we are constantly inspired to develop a wellness resort that will heal the environment and everything within it.

A core principal for us is meeting people where they are. Offering 40+ group experiences a day (along with a twenty room spa and one-on-one coaching capabilities) will allow us to co-create unique itineraries customized for individual guest needs. The key ingredient that we want to start cultivating now is building an amazing team to deliver these holistic -- and fun -- activities.

Therefore, today we are officially launching a Facebook page called Simply Shenandoah. It is our way to connect with the community and provide periodic updates. It is also a space where we will be announcing community events where we can learn from one another and promote networking opportunities for anyone who wishes to connect further. We especially love to meet specialists who wish to be considered for future employment and farmers wishing to provide clean food for our guests.

I am always available for connection and communication while we continue this outreach campaign. Even though we will not be hiring aggressively until early 2024, this does not mean we cannot start building rapport as we start planning our experiential offerings.

Feel free to connect with us on our new Facebook page or via Instagram so we can start planning to build something amazing together!

Instagram: @mysimplyshenandoah


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