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Mike Marburg and close relations had faced what felt like insurmountable challenges during their life, but found that deeply engaging with mind-body-energy practices had a profound impact. Realizing that his personal mission was to connect humanity to transformative healing, Mike left his investing career and founded Wellmore Partners in 2018.


His passion integrating holistic wellness experiences with the regenerative power of Mother Nature was contagious, and pretty soon his wife -- Jennifer Marburg -- joined him full time in 2021. Together, they are pouring their heart and soul into ensuring the project stays aligned with its mission for many generations. 

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Image by Jeff DeWitt

Looking for capital partners that have the same energy and passion, Ron and Jeannie Carson rose to the top. As Chairman and Founder of the Carson Group (a set of companies serving financial advisors and investors with over 45,000 families and more than $21B in assets under advisement), Ron is also a nationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. 


As active community members from Omaha, Nebraska, Ron and Jeannie founded two non-profits and are committed to helping others on their personal growth journey. In addition, as a lifelong farmer and hunter, the Carson's appreciation for the Shenandoah Valley way-of-life runs deep. 

Mike then crossed paths with Steve and Elleke Haggerty, whose experiences and commitment to wellness are deeply engrained into every aspect of their lives.

Steve has been a senior leader in hospitality for over three decades, with both private equity and global operator experience. Having been in Hyatt’s C-Suite through many market challenges, Steve is ensuring this project stays aligned with its regenerative development goals while achieving the commercial success it needs to ensure long term viability.  


Image by Becky Winner

Our list of amazing partners continues, and their contributions immeasurable. Thank you and great appreciation to PM Hotel Group and their leadership team, the Comora Family, Jonathan Langer, Scott and Angie Ford, Rich and Claudia Estevez, Val and Cathy Sribar, Jonathon Perrelli, Shane Coen and Sara Czerwinski, Alex Atwood, Jim Epstein, David Hamamoto, Chris and Amy Walton, Mark Livingstone, Dr. Freda Porter, Andrea Elwork and Jim Lanard, Dusty and Brian Sparrow Reed, Andrew Lissak, Chris and Darcy Villasenor, and Dr. Diva Nagula.


The following 2020 video is a bit dated, but introduces the site and project vision. 

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