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What the Solar Eclipse Meant for Us

This picture was taken on April 8th during the Total Solar Eclipse. In partnership with Mind The Mat and Sanctuary on the Trail, we held a special celebration at our site for over fifty practitioners, healers, therapists and doctors.

As we walked the property, my husband (Mike Marburg) spoke to the group about the “chronic condition vortex” that has engulfed more than two thirds of our country and created unprecedented mental and physical health challenges. He also spoke of individuals increasingly taking control of their own well-being – adding a proactive “self-care” paradigm to complement our reactive "health-care" system.

At the forefront of this paradigm shift are holistic care providers just like the guests with us that day. Because solar eclipses symbolize transition – kind of like a death and rebirth cycle with cosmic alignment – this felt like the perfect group to witness such a unique event at our site.

After the walk, we literally “grounded” by laying down for a sound bath while watching the eclipse. Then, we flowed into a liberating musical exploration with singing and drumming. It was fun to experience the group's positive energy AND learn more about their commitment to making the world healthier. The regenerative power of Mother Nature is something to behold, and I love celebrating her!

That day I was also reminded of Mike’s vision for Simply Shenandoah. It started with Santiago, a little boy turned angel that remains with us in spirit. He opened us up to creating a nature-based sanctuary that blends ancient and modern wellness wisdom in a way that serves the greater good – while having fun!

Integrating transformation and vacation became Simply Shenandoah, and it attracted an amazing group of Founding Partners as well as a world class team of designers, architects, hospitality managers, builders, engineers, etc. Simply took on a life of its own, and it was inspiring and exciting.

At the same time, we were also hit by the hardest real estate development crisis since the 70’s (COVID, rampant inflation, rapidly rising interest rates, etc.). Costs went up and fundraising opportunities went down, which became frustrating and discouraging.   

What has buoyed my spirit is something my husband shared with our guests that day: “We are fully invested, energized and driven to develop this amazing space because of how transformation has impacted my family’s life.” Just like the Founding Partners, we are so excited by how the project can benefit individuals, families, and the local Shenandoah Valley community.

All that said, we are close to achieving a major fundraising milestone. While we have been “close” before, it is through our collective leap of faith that we believe we will get there. Thank you for your patience and support.  



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