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Project Relaunch and Instagram

Updated: May 10, 2022

photo credit: Jennifer Marburg, Bluemont Festival, VA w/ Mike, Max & Will Marburg

Hello! I am Jennifer Marburg, Mike's wife, and this is my first post. After delays due to the pandemic, I am very happy to announce the resort project is moving forward again! As many of you know, we are building a wellness and nature resort on 550 acres in the Shenandoah Valley near Strasburg, VA.

well·ness: (n) the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal

From the beginning, Mike and I have worked with community members and leaders to learn as much as possible about the Shenandoah Valley. Our project will reflect regional authenticity and support local communities through business relationships. I grew up in a small textile town in North Carolina where faces were friendly and community was a priority. I look forward to meeting ALL of our new neighbors.

Last week, I visited Northern Shenandoah Valley with one of our design consultants, Julie Garman. We enjoyed 3 days of talking to and meeting local artisans and craftspeople in and around Strasburg, Woodstock, and Edinburg. The level of talent and artistry we experienced is truly inspiring.

The resort’s target opening date is June 1, 2024. As I chronical my journey to that pinnacle, I am going to share photographs, anecdotes and take-aways from the people & places I meet and visit at our new Instagram account.

My 8 year old son says I am the funniest person he has ever met. It's because I'm cheeky. So please keep that in mind as you forge ahead with me on this journey. I'll be in "The Valley" again this weekend, specifically Strasburg, VA.

Founded in 1761, Strasburg is a respectful and intimate town filled with very kind people. The murals on the downtown buildings are beautiful. The "LOVE" artwork in the town center says it all.

~~~and this is cool~~~

Recently I learned, while the Commonwealth of Virginia has designated a Poet Laureate, the Town of Strasburg has chosen its own. In one of his pieces, Richard Follett writes:

...when I look at the shining faces of those who can do – who will do –

of those who join hands whenever the community is in need –

to build, rebuild, or just to bear witness –

when I look at these starlit faces, hands joined together; voices raised as one;

I realize: it is the tree that stands in wonder.

My relationship with nature continues to evolve and prosper. I attended my very first TREE CEREMONY last month, so his words reach me. I don’t think I have ever appreciated nature as much as I do today.

Honestly. Right now, what is more important than community and nature?

~ Jennifer ~


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