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Brand Reveal and Project Update

A few weeks ago, we hosted a brand reveal zoom where we formally introduced Simply Shenandoah's vision around what we believe will become a revolutionary wellness destination that completely reimagines the traditional resort and spa experience.

During this zoom, we summarized a regenerative approach that will blur the lines between vacation and transformation by blending rest and relaxation with ancient wisdom traditions and modern modalities. We are super excited to deliver a spiritually expansive and scientifically grounded philosophy that balances nature and nurture to meet guests where they are.

Additionally, we will support our patrons -- both individual and groups -- with purpose-driven and personalized pathways that will take self-care far beyond self in a way that stays far beyond their stay. Upcoming blogs will describe both the Simply Shenandoah brand itself, as well as the transformation platform that is our core competency, our passion, and our primary reason for being.

We also announced that we are opening up our partnership for a final "Impact Partners Round" as of today. Over the next several months, we will be raising the last twenty percent of our total capital so we can start construction in the fall.

We are blessed because wellness is the hottest trend in hospitality, and there is a massive supply / demand gap for destinations that can truly deliver transformational travel. So, we are fortunate to have various partnership opportunities, and created the three-minute video invite above to ensure that we attract capital that is most aligned with our values.

In summary, we believe in the lasting impact of transformational experience, such that when we restore our own wellbeing, we are both driven and equipped to positively impact others. Finding long term capital partners that share this belief system will help us fully bloom into fulfilling our highest potential.

We are at an inflection point on our journey, and are so proud of the progress -- despite the windy road! To adapt some wise words from Winston Churchill: While it’s not the end, and it's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning. : )

One more thing. As we march forward, we will increasingly focus on a target for what feels like a synchronous grand opening weekend milestone - July 4 2025... thank you for joining us on this ride!

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