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"The sustainability of a living system is tied directly to its beneficial integration into a larger system. The smaller system contributes to the larger system's development and, in turn, receives nourishment for its own." 

  - Bill Reed, Pamela Mang


We want to use this project as an acupuncture point to catalyze positive action across the region related to food production, carbon sequestration, forest restoration, economic opportunity, and trauma resolution.
Engaging local partnerships, federal funding, and organizational momentum, the potential for transformation is exciting, and we are engaged in community initiatives within the following four areas:



Create a new distribution channel for authentic local farmers to fill demand for our resort, for guests when they leave our resort, and for other food service providers in the Washington region. We will provide visibility to our orders in 2022, and plan to find agricultural partners committed to regenerative agriculture that can help create a regional network of wholesome and nutritious food.


Implement a master test-and-learn plan with key partners for gaining feedback and improving our ecological practices. We plan to work with the Virginia Department of Forestry and the Virginia Tech Extension Office, among others. Ultimately our intent is to reverse climate change in our area by using integrated carbon sequestration methods to remove carbon from the air and waste stream and return it to the soil.

dream-job-2904780_1280 (1).jpg



Create economically sustainable career paths where individuals can align with their innate talents and calling. The resort will create over 250 full and part-time jobs for the local community. We have also started building relationships with the hospitality programs at James Madison University and Virginia Tech to employ the region's next generation.



Identify and partner with (or help create) local recreational alternatives, including both educational and experiential components, that take advantage of the natural environment while reinforcing wellness and having fun. In addition, we will co-promote other local tourist attractions so guests stay longer in the Shenandoah Valley.

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